High volume shoulders and traps workout routine

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Shoulder workout sets and reps
Warm up 4 sets cable side delt raises 10-20 reps
5 sets Standing Military Press 5-7 reps
3 sets Seated Dumbbell Press 8-12 reps
Superset with more dumbbell press 8-12 reps
3 sets Seated Front Dumbbell Raises 8-15 reps
Superset with Arnold Press 8-12 reps
3 Sets Standing Lateral Raises 8-15 reps
4 Sets Incline Rear Delt Raises 8-12 reps
4 Sets Side Delt Cable Raises 8-15 reps
3 Sets Front Plate Raises 8-15 reps
3 Sets Reverse Pec Fly Focus on Traps 8-12 reps
3 Sets Upright Rows 8-12 reps
4 Sets Dumbbell Shrugs 8-12 reps


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High volume shoulders and traps workout routine
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